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With mentoring you are basically paying to have me in your corner, here to help you with anything related to production and all things that come with being a producer.


Every month we will have a 90 minute long 1 to 1 class on zoom (that you can record) where I will teach you absolutely anything you want to know, whether that’s something you’ve heard in my music, something you’ve heard in someone else’s music or something you’re struggling to get right, I will be able to help you with it.


Alongside the monthly classes, you will be given my personal contact details. We will be in touch every day via telegram (app). You can message me 24/7 meaning I will give you further guidance in production throughout every month, and give you regular FEEDBACK on music that you are working on.

All mentoring clients will also have access to ALL of the tutorials/content that is available on my patreon.


On top of all that, I offer help with business related things such as submitting to labels, self releasing, branding etc, and also mindset/motivation when it comes to being a musician.


Essentially, I will be your mentor.


If this is something you’re interested in, please message me on instagram (@nimda_uk) or email me at

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